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Open Hand is a creative studio in Ghent, Belgium on Earth, Milky Way by Matthias De Vylder, serving graphics, illustration, lettering & calligraphy and handpoked tattoos.
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Combining a background in graffiti writing with some years of experience in graphic design and illustration, my work is largely focussed around lettering & calligraphy.
This specialisation allows me to further explore the beauty of the letterform in different writing styles while helping people like yourself to express an idea into a visual or identity for your project.

Every piece is born from the hand onto paper with a target audience in mind, guaranteeing a unique result.
Later, it is refined by pencil and perfectionism and finally, depending on the purpose, digitized in vector or raster format.

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Letter Voor Letter

Dot By Dot

Feeling the joy and connection to be experienced from working on people during a year of massage school motivated me to get into the art of tattooing and extend the illustration passion onto skin.

Similar to massage, the slower and minimalistic nature of the traditional handpoke technique creates an environment of connection during a rather relaxing experience.

Working from the home studio in Ghent, you are very welcome to have some ink poked into your skin.

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Frequently Given Anwsers

What equipment do you use?

The equipment is exaclty the same compared to a machine tattoo – minus the machine.
Different sterile needles are used for lining and shading.
All materials touching the skin are single-use.

How long does a handpoke tattoo last?

When done properly, a handpoke tattoo will last just as long as a machine done tattoo – forever.
Note that different body parts, like fingers and feet, tend to fade and may require frequent touch-ups.